Rustam Tangirov


I was in College at the cook..... It's all very spontaneously. If I were 20 years ago said that I will cook.....never believed-would) But still life so turned around that I now one of the most popular chefs in Russia. Now I work in the 3 restaurants of St. Petersburg, as well as oversee 5 restaurants in other regions. 'm on TV channel "FOOD" two culinary show. "Beautiful presentation and Zapalysya Who Can", the latter is very interesting and devoted to the preparation of the workpieces. In 2014 opened its first project "Gastronomic Theatre Rustam Tangirova", which regularly holds master classes. 

I was always interested in our local product. Every year I more and more research local products. I like the combination, at first glance incompatible products, using modern technologies, changing the normal texture......also very important, not ordinary, interesting presentation using various visual effects. I treat any product with great respect and put into each dish is a piece of their soul......